Together, we’ll tap into your artistic potential and capture video confidently!

Starting from square one with video marketing can be daunting. I’ve been in your shoes, embarking on the self-taught journey with an overwhelming heap of blog posts and YouTube videos. Trust me, I’ve scrolled through more “how-to” videos than I care to admit!

 No need to panic, I’m here to empower you with the magic of video in a way that’s both cohesive and collaborative. 

Does that strike a chord? I can help!

You want to start creating videos but you're overwhelmed by the unknowns.

Let's get started!

Trust me, I’ve been right where you are. When I started on my own video journey, I felt like a fish out of water, searching for someone who could help me learn the ins and outs. 

But, I stuck with it, and the rewards have been incredible! Consider me your supportive friend, ready to cheer you on every step of the way. I’ll be dishing out practical advice and the knowledge you need without any extra fluff! 

I’ve got you!

Ready to grow your business with video but not sure where to begin?

Conference presentations

group workshops

1:1 coaching

The Video Jumpstart Course

YouTube videos & Podcasts

Whether you want to dive all in or learn bits and pieces as you have time, I offer different opportunities making the power of video approachable for you!

Education for Every Learner

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  • what gear you need to get started
  • the best settings for video and when to use them
  • how to capture quality audio
  • where to legally find and license music
  • what editing software to use and how to start editing your footage
  • how to add video to your photography business

This course includes everything you’ll need to go from photographer to video pro! It includes five modules that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to serve your clients and families with both photos and videos. When you’ve finished the course, you’ll know: 

A course for photographers who want to learn video

The Video Jumpstart Course

Join now!

$599 Paid in Full
or 4 Monthly Payments of $150

This course will easily pay for itself after you book your first video client! 

  • 5 course modules + worksheet for each unit
  • 3+ hours of educational video content and 12 bonus pdfs
  • Voxer access for 30 days to get all your questions answered
  • Access to our private online community of female filmmakers
  • Personalized film review

The Video Jumpstart Course is Value Packed!

Ready to start your video journey with a mentor by your side? 

Mentorship options to fit your needs

Ready to start your journey

Perfect for business owners in the Indianapolis metro area who are just getting started or looking to advance specific skills.


  • Pre-meeting questionnaire to help me learn about your work and business.
  • 3 Hours of customized in-person mentorship to improve your skills and discuss all of your business, photography, and video questions.
  • Post-meeting recap email and homework to keep you moving forward!


In-Person 1:1 Mentorship



  • Pre-call questionnaire to help me learn about your work and business.
  • 1-hour video call to answer any questions you have
  • Homework to help you stay focused and continue moving forward after our chat!


Perfect for busy business owners located outside of Indiana or if you would prefer to meet online!

Virtual 1:1 Mentorship

She shares her knowledge so freely and makes you feel empowered to learn filmmaking right away! The lesson's inside The Video Jumpstart are so easy to understand and her tips make you feel like you’re stealing inside knowledge from the pros—because you are!! I can’t recommend this course enough—it’s already bringing such positive changes to my business!” — Jen Fox

"Kelli is a natural at making female creatives feel at ease!


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Video is the name of the game right now, and I’m thrilled to empower more fabulous female business owners to show up in a new and creative way!