July 11, 2017


Indianapolis Family Photography – Kelli White Photography

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I recently had the chance to connect with one of my dearest friends and her beautiful family. Mollie and I have known each other since high school, where we just to happened to have lockers right next to each other and thus, became fast friends. A lot has changed since that time, but all for the better. We both have families, hobbies and careers, but we still remain very close. It is so great to be back in Indianapolis with friends like her and her family!

Indianapolis Family Photographer

Indianapolis Family Photographer 2

Indianapolis Family Photographer 3

Mollie and her sister, Jessica, were together for a big family gathering and they wanted to get their kids together for a few pictures. Cousins share a special bond and it was so fun to capture these little sweeties! They were headed off to Holiday World the next morning, so excitement filled the air. It was such a gorgeous evening in one of my favorite photography locations, Deming Park. 

Indianapolis Family Photographer 4

Indianapolis Family Photographer 8

Indianapolis Family Photographer 6

Indianapolis Family Photographer 7