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Together, we’ll use both photography and videography to craft brand imagery that not only tells your one-of-a-kind story but also paints a vivid picture of your brand identity.

 Through my lens, I’ll capture cohesive and captivating content that will fuel your success for years to come. And if you’re up for it, I’ll share some of my video secrets along the way. Let’s make magic happen!

Where creativity ignites and something truly authentic takes shape!

Imagine a dynamic collaboration between fierce business owners

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Master the art of video despite the initial intimidation! Experience video education that is both accessible and enjoyable, designed to help you elevate your business. Let's unlock the limitless possibilities of video together!

Education + Coaching

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Reveal the heart of your brand with a creative touch! Let's capture your brand story and create imagery that resonates with your vision. We’ll create visuals that connect with your ideal clients!

Photo + Video

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about kelli

You give your all to your business. You are the one who always goes the extra mile to provide an exceptional experience to your clients, and it is time for others to see that too.

That’s why I’m here – to share the heart of your brand and help you stand out through the power of brand photography and videography. I transform your authentic story into photos and videos that stand the test of time.

Entrepreneur, Lead Creative, Video Educator, Midwestern Girl Mom, Amateur Home Chef

An Indianapolis-based creative with a desire to make video less intimidating for all

Hi, I’m Kelli!

Your guide to quickly creating and sharing valuable short form video content.

30 Reels in 30 Minutes


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  • looking for a way to stand out in a crowded market?
  • feeling stuck and wanting to try something new?
  • wanting to increase your revenue?
  • eager to provide a better experience for your clients?

Video could be the missing piece to your business growth!

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she learns video

 - Laylee Emadi Smith

I loved working with her, and giving her full creative freedom to create what she wanted. She delivers beautiful and intentional work that captures the heart behind it all, and is such a joy to work with!!”

“Kelli is the perfect person to capture a brand because she personally knows what it's like to have built one herself!


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When you first start out in learning a new skill it is always nice to have some supportive reasons backing you up to make the time, money and effort all worth it.

5 Reasons to Add Video to your Photography Business

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I had the incredible opportunity to document Marcie Reif’s photography retreat with both photos and videos. We embarked on an unforgettable adventure in Utah and Idaho, capturing an abundance of brand footage for Marcie’s future event promotions. It was magical!

Roadtrippers Retreat

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I joined forces with this luxury wedding stationery business in Carmel. Together we captured their shop and the dynamic mother-daughter duo working behind the scenes. We preserved their brand in stunning photos and videos.

Oliver's Twist

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I teamed up with the spectacular team of this local med spa for two photo and video sessions. Our collaboration was all about capturing their brand essence as they launched their amazing website and opened their beautiful office space.

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