August 2, 2023


Roadtripper’s Retreat | Brand Photography + Video

branding photography and video | westfield, IN

branding photography and video | waco airbnb

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Here you’ll find brand session highlights and educational content for photographers, videographers, and business owners.

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The Roadtripper’s Retreat is an amazing luxury creative retreat hosted by Marcie Reif! Recently I had the privilege of attending and documenting this event for Marcie and all of her lovely attendees. I will be honest in saying this is the best retreat style event I have ever attended!! This week included every detail you could imagine including a resort style property, perks from some of the best brand partners in the industry and was made complete with meals crafted by our own onsite private chefs.

The line up was filled with dream educators from the creative community. Each sharing knowledge on everything from business and branding to family photography. Honestly all of the roadtrippers themselves were a joy to be around and their creative energy and knowledge was one of my favorite parts of attending.

On site I had the opportunity to compile a number of shareable brand films for the retreat and was able to document the entire weekend through brand photos and films. The attendees also had a portion of the event dedicated to having their own brand photography taken, which was a highlight to capture so many amazing female business owners!

Check out the brand video and more of the Roadtripper’s Retreat images below. If your business or brand is in need of updated content get in touch to schedule your own brand photography and video session to capture all the magic that makes your business unique!

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