May 8, 2018


15 Great Indoor Locations for Your Indianapolis Photography Session

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15 Great Indoor Locations for Your Indianapolis Photography Session

On occasion you may find yourself looking for the opportunity to have family photos captured at an indoor Indianapolis location. Maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, too cold or too rainy, or maybe you just want a change of pace from the traditional sunset session. Here are 10 ideas in the Indy area that provide a beautiful setting while also being inside, protected from the elements.

Indianapolis Family posed for family photography in Hotel Lobby

1.     Hotel Lobby

Indianapolis is home to some gorgeous hotels. Many of their lobby areas also offer great natural light! Be sure to gain permission from the hotel staff before scheduling a session here. I have a few local hotels that I work with and they have allowed me to capture some great images indoors!

2.     Green House

Why not bring the outdoors inside for your session? Green houses provide beautiful light, gorgeous colors and are also indoors! Indianapolis has a bunch of different nurseries that welcome photographers.

3.    Central Library

The downtown branch of the Indianapolis Public Library is amazing and has a large area of windows that make for a dream photography location. You do have to pay to shoot here, but the fee is very worth the gorgeous setting!

4.     Parking Garage

Okay, so this may sound a little crazy, but go with me. A parking garage can provide some great coverage from rain, while also giving you natural light and an urban feel. You can also gain some beautiful views from the higher vantage point. I would love to do an urban session with some shots in/around a parking garage!

5.     Coffee Shop

I am a big coffee fan! Iced (my fav), pour over, espresso… love, love, love! If you are like me and feel a strong connect to this lovely brew maybe your favorite coffee shop is a good spot for your next session. Little shops like this can work well for couples at engagement or anniversary sessions.

6.     Event Venue

Some of the best event venues in Indianapolis sit idle during the weekdays when wedding and events aren’t taking place. I have a few spots that I’m connected with and if you have a location that interests you, I would love to reach out and see if they would welcome us for your family session!

7.     Your Favorite Shop

You may have recently seen the new trend that includes capturing professional photos inside of large chain stores, IKEA, Michaels, Hobby Lobby. This just goes to show that with the right eye you can really make any space look special and beautiful!

8.     Studio

Here at KWP I don’t currently have a full time studio space (long term dream!), however, I do have access to a few rental studios where I can arrange for your session! If a studio session interests you, let me know and I can send you some additional information.

Mother with children in Indianapolis studio

9.     Church

Your church may be the perfect spot for your family session. We all know they make great wedding locations and photos, but they may also allow us to capture family or engagement photos on your church campus. Having a space that is special to you and your faith can make for very meaningful portraits.

10.   Museum

As you may have heard Newfields is a great location for photos and they do have a few indoor locations that can work great! There are also a variety of different types of museums in Indianapolis that could provide a unqiue backdrop for your session. Always be sure to inquire (or ask me about a location) before taking photos!

11.   Brewery

The rise of craft beer popularity in the Indianapolis area has created a boom in some really interesting and visually stunning breweries. If you and your spouse or fiancé love craft beer this could make for a picture perfect spot!

12.   Union Station

Do you remember going down to Union Station as a kid when they had all of the shops open? This shopping location is now closed, but the event venue and the hotel are still open! This is definitely one of the most interesting locations in Indianapolis and could make for some really fun and special images.

13.   Airport

Love to travel? Maybe one of your parents is a pilot? An airport session could be a fun and outside-the-box location to host your session. There are a few smaller airports throughout the city, in addition to the Indianapolis International Airport.

14.   Your Own Home

Often times your own home gets overlooked as the best spot to host your session. The space where you raise your children, eat your meals and say your prayers at night, is often times the most important place in your life. Even if your home doesn’t look like West Elm (hard to do with little kiddos!) I promise I can help you make gorgeous, connected and memorable images you will deeply value!

15.   Embrace the Elements

If you are up for an adventure we can always brave the elements to get some interesting photos. Light rain, snow, hot and sunny, cloudy skies… we can make it work for you! While, I would probably avoid some of the harsher elements with very young kids, making the most of your surroundings can be a fun adventure for the right couple or family.

Book Your Indoor (or Outdoor) Session

I love a sunset session as much as anyone, but it isn’t always available with the unpredictable weather here in Indiana. (i.e. the 2018 winter that never ended) Get in touch with me today and I can help you find the perfect spot for your next session!

*also, while I handle all location planning for my clients, if you are interested in setting up your own shoot (or even with another photographer) please be sure to get proper permission before shooting in any location as rules and regulations are constantly changing.

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