June 29, 2018


Carmel Indiana – Indianapolis Family Photography – Kelli White Photography

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carmel indiana – indianapolis family photography – kelli white photography

Sunrise sessions are my favorite type of session in the summer. When the weather is hot and the sunset is very late, sunrise is the perfect time for Indianapolis family photography sessions.

I met this little family through my Mommy & Me sessions at The Urban Chalkboard and I was so excited to photograph them outside on the perfect summer morning. I loved getting to know their family and also interacting with this adorable little girl. She was such a doll and is about the same age as my daughter so she loved my peek-a-boo games and my little stuffed owl. I have no shame with little kiddos, I’ll do anything for a good giggle!

Kiddos are happy in the morning and most of them are in bed (or should be…getting them to sleep when the sun is still out can be a tough, I know!) by the time the sun decides to set this time of year. It does make for an early morning, but after it’s over everyone can take a long nap!

If you would be interested in a family sunrise (or sunset) session this year, get in touch and I would love to capture some memories for you!

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