December 5, 2018


Why I Think Everyone Should Book a Fresh 48 Photography Session | Newborn Photography Indianapolis

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Fresh 48 Photography | Indianapolis Indiana

When I had my little girl, I knew that Fresh 48 photography was an option, but I didn’t fully see the value or (to be honest) really know if I would want to welcome another person into my hospital room after labor and delivery? However, now that I have a child, and have been lucky enough to work with some families during this precious time, Fresh 48 photography has quickly become one of my favorite parts of being a Newborn Photographer in Indianapolis and I think it is so important!

Fresh 48 Photography Indianapolis

Here are a few reasons why I think it is so valuable and why I think every family should consider hiring someone for Fresh 48 Newborn Photography.

It Is a Magical and Joyful Time

Everyone is on a loved-filled high after a new little one arrives. It is such a wonderful time for any family and one that should definitely be documented. This new part of your life is just beginning and it is so precious. I cried tears of joy for at least a week solid after I had my little one (#hormonesarecrazy) and when I think back to this time my heart swells with so much happiness.

You Won’t Have the Energy To Do It Yourself

I told myself that I would take photos in the hospital of our little one, I mean I am a photographer after all, so why wouldn’t I do it myself. Well little did I know, after having the baby you as the mama are in no shape to be moving things around your hospital room and taking lots of photos… and even if you have people to help, you will most certainly be too tired. Let someone take this off your plate so you can just focus on soaking up the wonderful new baby joy.

A Great Way to Capture Siblings Meeting for the First Time

Right now I only have one sweet baby, but IF I would ever have another one I would most certainly hire someone to capture the first meeting of my babies. Siblings have a special place in my heart and they are such a gift to each other, along with you as parents. Capturing this moment is one you won’t regret.

Fresh 48 Indianapolis

You Should be in the Photos …and Feel Comfortable

Often times in the hospital mom feels a little self conscious, and rightfully so because having a baby is tough work, but it can be a deterrent from having photos taken. We all have someone who will take some photos of us and our new little one during this time (thanks hubby/mom/dad, etc), but hospital lighting isn’t then best and finding the best angles can be tough for someone who isn’t trained in photography. The key is to hire someone who knows how to find great light, flattering posing and how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

You Will Forget

This is so hard to admit and it makes me a little sad to think about. Slowly but surely these beautiful first days become such a blur after all the sleepless nights and precious moments that take over your life once baby arrives. If you find a way to photograph or film this time, you at least have the images to come back to again and again, year after year, even if you can’t stop that little one from growing!

If you are expecting an addition to your family I would love (love, love) to capture this time for you. I book a select number of Indianapolis Fresh 48 Photography sessions each year, so reach out anytime for more information. Best of luck with your new little one!

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