January 16, 2019


Why You Should Book an Indianapolis Extended Family Photography Session? | Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Extended Family Photography

You may or may not know that I come from a really big family. My mom is from a family of 5 kids and my dad a family of 6, so I grew up with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins around. I love being a part of this crazy and loveable crew and perhaps that is why I really enjoy documenting extended family sessions!

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider booking an extended family session for you and your own big beautiful family!

Indianapolis Extended Family Photographer


Mimi, Pop, Nana and Gramps can all be included when you decide to book an extended family photography session! This gives us the chance to capture special images of your parents with your children, along with photos of you and your mom or dad. I loved my nana so much and all of the images of her are so incredibly special to me, especially the ones of her and I. You and your children will really value these images down the road and this is a great way to include them in a special session!

Indianapolis Extended Family Photographer

Special Group Photos

Almost everyone takes time out to get in the frame with their children, but when is the last time you had a photo taken with your siblings, or your mom and dad. Kids with their cousins and grandparents, these are all special group images that you just can’t get during a traditional family session.

Indianapolis Extended Family Photographer

Make it a special event

Most of the time I get to photograph big family groups during special occasions…weddings, anniversaries, reunions, trips and holidays. These are all wonderful opportunities to gather your clan and book a photography session! However, you can also create and event around your session. Have everyone gather for dinner or drinks afterwards, or go out to brunch before hand. When everyone is dressed up and all together, it is the perfect time to celebrate!

Indianapolis Extended Family Photography

Anniversary and Couples Photos

Once we are married (and especially after we have children!) we rarely have the time to get photos alone with our spouse. During an extended family session you are all dolled up and camera ready, and there are plenty of aunts uncles and grandparents to look after your littles while you and your hubby or wife share a moment in front of the camera!

Indianapolis Extended Family Photography

You are Creating Memories

At every session I do my best to create an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone! Ultimately when you decide to do anything as a big family group you are making memories together that will be remembered for years to come. I hope to make the photography session and full experience a memorable one!

Get IN Touch

If you are gathering your extended family in the Indianapolis area over the coming months I would love to create a session and document your beautiful family! Get in touch soon to book a spot on my calendar.

Indianapolis Extended Family Photography

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