April 3, 2019


Why You Should Consider Booking a Lifestyle Family Film Session in 2019 | Kelli White Photography + Films

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Indianapolis Lifestyle Family Films | Kelli White Photography + Films

In 2019 I have started offering family films in addition to my traditional photography packages. (You can view all of my family films here!) If you are wondering why you might want to consider this new opportunity, here are a few reasons why I would encourage every Indianapolis family to think about trying something new to create some great memories with you family this year.

Things Will Change

There are very few things I am sure of in this life, but change is most certainly one of them. Your children will grow up. Those tiny little voices will become deeper one day and the sleepy Saturday mornings you spend cuddling in bed and playing at the park, will slowly morph into watching you busy teenagers spend time with friends and preparing for college visits.

While this is both a beautiful and challenging part of life, documenting your days right now, with a film, is a special and unique gift for you, your children and the generations to come. You will not regret having these priceless memories on video to keep forever. They will become even more valuable with every passing year!

Mix It Up

If you are the family who has had photos taken every fall for your holiday card, maybe this is the year to mix it up a little bit. Of course, you will still leave the session with a number of still images, but the focus will be on documenting this time in your life through video. It may seem a bit different to think of someone (me!) video taping your interactions, words and movements, but I promise when everything is compiled and crafted to music the results will pleasantly surprise you. You can see some of my past films here to get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

More Natural and Relaxed

Film sessions last a bit longer than photography sessions, and a big reason why is because they are more candid and allow you and your children time to interact and go with the flow. I take a documentary style approach (while also providing some guidance when needed) which gives your family time to kind of “do your thing” and enjoy genuine, un-posed moments together.

Document Special Moments or Your Everyday

Maybe you are expecting a new baby and want to capture this life changing memory with a film, or perhaps you just love your family’s morning routine and think “Wow, I wish I could save this forever.” Now you can! Maybe you love to cook homemade pizza on Friday night together, or you love going to the lake together each weekend… anything you want to document (special or routine), I am certain it will make for a beautiful family film.

Special Rate

If you are interested in documenting your family this way in 2019, please reach out to get on my calendar. I will be taking on a select number of films this year and I am also offering them at a discounted rate for all of 2019!

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