July 31, 2019


Abram Farm Wedding | Spencer Indiana

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Beautiful Summer Wedding at Abram Farm

Summer weddings in Indiana can make for such gorgeous celebrations. This beautiful 4th of July weekend wedding at Abram Farm in Spencer, Indiana near Bloomington was nothing short of spectacular. Not only did did this wedding include an adorable couple and their beautiful family, but also an amazing fireworks display.

I loved having the chance to meet this couple and get to know them and their sweet little boys. The ceremony even included a ring ceremony for both boys, which made for an emotional moment. Everyone in the family had such a fun time at the reception and I enjoyed documenting the entire celebration!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer or videographer I would love to connect. Also, this beautiful venue, Abram Farm, is a great choice for anyone hosting an event or wedding near Spencer or Bloomington, Indiana.

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