January 17, 2020


Why Family Films? | Kelli White Photography + films

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Hey, I'm Kelli!


Over the past three years I have been working on learning how to shoot video and creating more family films, both for myself personally and other families in Indianapolis. Often times when I share this with others, they ask, “what is a family film?”….

So I wanted to elaborate on what family films are? why they matter? how to book one? what to expect? and how to share & utilize your film after your session? These sessions have such a special place in my heart and I want everyone to know how much value they will hold for many years to come.

so What are family films?

I like to describe family films as your memories in motion or modern home movies. Think of the home videos your parents recorded in the 80’s and 90’s on big shoulder cams, and now put that footage along with beautiful music with lovely editing for easy watching. So picture less time watching wobbly dad-cam recordings of the floor and more curated and memorable video footage.

You can see more samples of my family and newborn films here on my website to get an idea of what your finished film may look like. The length and choice of music will vary based on your session.

Family film sessions can be booked for milestones, extended family gatherings, newborn/birth announcements… or just to record your weekly routines like the Saturday morning pancake breakfast, or your afternoon picnics in the park. Because let’s be honest, aren’t the simple little moments the ones you will miss the most when your children are grown? Ask any grandparent and I promise they will agree!

Why do they matter?

Do you ever look at your child telling a sweet story in their tiny voice, with silly facial expressions and think “I really wish I could bottle up this moment and keep it forever”. For me this is the power of family films. They take what you can capture in a photograph and bring it to life with sound and music.

I know right now we all have the ability to record little snippets of our cute kiddos on our iphones, but have you ever put that footage into a longer keepsake film and set it to music? Have you shared this with family and friends in a special way? Do you pull it out and watch it on birthdays or holidays? How do you plan on leaving this footage behind for your children? What if you lose the phone, the hard drive, or the facebook page?

Your family film will be saved online with me through a shareable video link, available for you to download and save. Additionally, I also offer customized keepsake USBs for storage.

What should we expect at a family film session?

Because my photography style is pretty candid, they really they flow similar to my photo sessions. if you haven’t worked with me before, you can expect to spend time focused on playing and interacting with your family and less time looking at the camera. I do my best to make sure you have time to relax and be your natural selves rather than posed and stiff.

Sessions that include photo and film will start with a focus on the photos and then roll into fun, games, giggles and connection as a family. If you have an in-home session I may ask you to play your favorite game, read a story book you love or rock in your favorite chair. If we are outside, I will encourage you to bring bubbles, draw with chalk, explore nature and do things you actually enjoy doing together. I want these films to document your REAL memories, activities you normally do as a family and not something fake or overly polished.

What do I do with my family film after I have it?

Someone asked me this recently and my first thought was “well, you watch it”? I know that sounds somewhat uneventful, so here are a few ways I watch and share my own family films.

  • Share it online with friends and family

  • Watch it at your child’s birthday

  • Watch it with friends and family at holidays or family gatherings

  • Let your kids watch it when they get older

  • Watch it whenever you feel the need to be reminded of this special time in your life!

I promise these films become more valuable over time. One day you will look back on these seemingly everyday moments and give ANYTHING to relive a day with your tiny toddler… so in a way, I view them as a priceless keepsake.

I’m in!….now, how can we schedule our family film?

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I would love to chat and find a way to plan your family film. I would be so happy to work with you on these special sessions. I have a session package set up where I combine photo + film. These can be booked for any milestone in your life. Let’s connect soon and find a date that works!

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