November 10, 2021


Indianapolis Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | Brand Photography and Videography

branding photography and video | westfield, IN

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Hey, I'm Kelli!


some great gift ideas from local small business owners!

Indianapolis Brand Photographer Kelli White Photography

I have had the opportunity to explore my community more and work with fabulous brands over the last few years and as I was considering my list of people that I need to buy for, I thought you may want some ideas as well.


Not only are these brands QUALITY, the small business owners behind them are AMAZING! The holidays are a great time to show those around us that we love and care for them in a special way. Hope you enjoy my gift guide.


Kelli’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Art2the Extreme – The Original rainbow crayon and it is made right here in Indiana! Learn more about my time with this creative mama!

Becky the Bakester – Becky makes delicious pies, marshmallows and creative treats! Our family has enjoyed many of her creations this year and I can’t wait to pick up more sweets for the holidays.

Becoming Mama – Your body changes when you have a baby and fashionable, workable clothing is where it is at! Learn more about my time spent with this essential mama!

Cafe Baby – This local Indianapolis company makes wonderful food for babies! The food is free from chemical and preservatives and is delivered right to your doorstep! The owners are wonderful and we have worked together on various brand and family sessions.

Raw Flower Design – This adorable shop located in the heart of downtown Westfield has the most gorgeous plants and gifts. Stop by get a gift and you can visit both this shop and my studio located right upstairs.

Rivet Coffee – Another great new business in Westfield, Rivet Coffee has an adorable location and amazing space to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious treat. Fresh beans always make for a great gift!

Soothing Snuggler – The cutest teddy bear you will every see, and the beautiful story behind it. Helping kiddos manage their feelings and emotions is the drive behind this beautiful company. I was excited to spend time with this intelligent mama- learn more about that here!


I love working with brands and small business owners to help to showcase all of their hard work. I look forward to working with other brands in 2022. If you are a business owner, I would love to include you in my gift guide next year! Send me a message and let’s chat more!

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