January 2, 2020


3 Photo and Video Services You Should Be Offering

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Services To Offer in 2021

Are you looking to set yourself and your business apart in 2021? Maybe you want to offer a new service or learn a new skill? This video outlines three services I think everyone should be offering in 2021.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave your comments or questions below! if you prefer to read more about the photography and videography services I recommend you add, you can find the full transcription of the video in the text below.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone. It’s Kelli here with She Learns Video. And today I’m so excited to share with you three services you should be offering in your photography business in 2021. So let’s jump in.


Okay, so the first service you should be offering, and if you’re here you may already know the answer, but I think you should be offering video. I think every photographer out there right now should be learning how to shoot video and add video to their services. More and more people are seeking out videographers to do video work. And oftentimes they’ll look to their photographer for recommendations. This gives you a great opportunity to diversify your income and set yourself apart in your industry. If you are interested in adding video to your business, definitely go over to SheLearnsVideo.com and get on our email newsletter. We have a course called the Video Jumpstart, and it takes you from photographer to videographer in five short modules. It is the perfect way to start adding video to your photography business.


The next service that I think every photographer should be offering in their business is branding and business services. So these are not just headshots, these are providing creative, fun, behind the scenes, images and videos for small business owners, businesses and brands in your area. This gives you an excellent opportunity to network with people in your community and give you an opportunity to grow your business and build the income that you’re making. I’m seeing more and more people seeking out this consistent visual content and they’re looking for professionals to provide this service. If you’re not offering the service this year, you are certainly missing out on an opportunity.


The last service you should be utilizing, especially if you’re a family or newborn photographer, is some sort of alternative to a fresh 48 or birth session. So many people have been impacted by the pandemic in 2020, and most healthcare providers are not allowing access for photographers to come into the hospital and shoot those key moments in the first few days. I have started offering a fun new package in my business, that’s called Welcome Home Sessions. These give people the opportunity to book a newborn session right when they arrive home from the hospital. So it gives them a chance to capture that introduction to a new family member, whether that’s a sibling or grandparents, or maybe even their pet. This is an awesome way for you to connect with clients and provide a similar experience to the fresh 48, without being in the hospital itself. I know so many people are looking for an alternative to capture those precious newborn moments in that beginning newborn stage. So this is a great alternative and one that I think everyone should consider adding to their business.

So there you have it, three new ideas for you to grow your business this year. I hope this is helpful information. And if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, definitely go over to SheLearnsVideo.com and we would love if you would like, share, subscribe and leave a comment below. Thanks so much for watching.

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