June 16, 2021


Carmel Indiana Senior Photography | Downtown Carmel and Coxhall Gardens

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capturing senior year

special times call for special photos

As we all know, there are many times in a persons life that we want to capture. Special times call for special photos and senior photography is one of those milestones. It is a transition point in life, a milestone we want to remember. Moving from one phase of life to the next and wanting to make sure that it gets documented and something that we can all look back upon.

great locations for senior photos

Downtown Carmel and Coxhall Gardens were great locations to capture these photos for this special senior. The variety in backgrounds and spaces really added a lot to the photos and I just love the way every one of them turned out. See if you can recognize some of the places that we visited for this session.

booking your special photo session

I love capturing everything from special events to milestones and everyday photos. If you have something coming up that you are looking to have captured, be sure to send me a message and tell me about it. I would love to provide special photos for your special time!

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