June 16, 2021


Indianapolis Brand Videography | Jasmine Norris

branding photography and video | westfield, IN

branding photography and video | waco airbnb

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Fellow photographers gather for brand session

I love meeting other people who do what I do and it was an absolute joy to be able to meet and spend time with Jasmine Norris! We spent time in Indy and in West Lafayette putting all of the details together.

Jasmine Norris – West Lafayette Photographer

According to her website, Jasmine describes herself as a “candy eating, animal loving, wedding day ninja!” She is so fun to be around and we were able to capture a great deal of photos and videos for her business. Lovely brand session in Indianapolis and West Lafayette with fellow photographer Jasmine Norris. We first shot downtown at the Ivory Foundry for a styled shoot and then in West Lafayette at her office and a local park. She is so talented and I really enjoyed working with another wonderful creative in Indiana.

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