October 25, 2021


Backyard Extended Family Photography | Westfield Indiana

branding photography and video | westfield, IN

branding photography and video | waco airbnb

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Backyard Extended Family Photography

Westfield at Home

Westfield is a wonderful suburb of Indianapolis and I love it! I guess i am partial to Westfield as that is where I call home and also have my studio space. As you know, I love shooting family photos and it is great to see new locations- and this one was stunning!

Fun with Family

This was a fun back yard extended family session and I loved seeing this family again. I photographed their family session last fall and this time around they included more of their family members. They have a lovely property and we had a great sunny morning for our session.

Get in Touch

Whether it is in your backyard or at a public location, getting some updated family photos is the best! Reach out today and let’s find a time and location for your family to have a photo shoot as well!

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