October 25, 2021


Extended Family Photography | Hillcrest Country Club Indianapolis

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Extended Family Photography at Hillcrest Country Club

Extended Family Sessions are the best!

I love Hillcrest Country Club and I love extended family sessions! When both of those got combined this this session, it was wonderful! What a lovely family session at Hillcrest Country Club!! We had to shift to an indoor location due to the weather, and Hillcrest provided a nice option for an outdoor place with coverage from the rain. It was wonderful to work with this family. They all traveled to be together for memorial day weekend and I enjoyed meeting them.

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Family photos are a great way to spend time together and to have it all documented for years to come. We are able to get so many photos during an extended family session. I would LOVE to photograph your extended family as well. Send me a message and we can figure out a date for your session!

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