August 9, 2023


5 Reasons to Add Video to Your Photography Business

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If you have been considering the possibility of adding video to your photography business, you are in the right place! She Learns Video is the perfect resource for anyone looking to make this jump.

When you first start out in learning a new skill it is always nice to have some supportive reasons backing you up to make the time, money and effort all worth it. Here are our opinions on why you should consider adding video offerings to your photography clients.

1. Diversify Your Business

If you have spent any time in the photography industry you realize that there are literally 1000s of photographers in every city. In a way, this is sooo amazing and creates a wonderful community of like-minded people, but on the other hand, it brings a very saturated market. SO WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT?What sets you apart from your competition? Maybe it is your amazing client experience, or your stunning lighting techniques, or maybe, it is that you offer photography AND video? Now more than ever we need to be someone who can serve our clients and community. What better way than learning an amazing new skill in videography!

2. Opportunity to Increase Revenue

As a small business owner we all have to focus on the bottom line. Video gives you a chance to earn more revenue for your company! You now have a new offering that also brings along a higher price point. You can expand into new customer groups, who might not have been previously interested in your stand alone photography packages, but would love to book you for your video work! Any opportunity you can find to build and expand your business is always something to consider.

3. Provides a Better Service to your Clients

You can create packages that include video and photos to give your clients a new experience which they are happy to pay for. Knowing that someone can come to you for both video and photography needs makes your business a one stop shop for everything they need to capture their memories or document their mission. Video also tells every story in a new and unique way. Many families and business owners want to share their message in a video format, and now you can be that person to assist! With a little education you will be better equip to serve and support your clients.

4. Learn New Skills

If you are anything like us, you love to learn! Many business owners are constantly investing in new education which is a great way to hone your craft. However, finding a skill that will serve you personally (i.e. personal videos for your own family!) and also bring in more revenue while serving your clients better, it makes video education a no brainer for every photographer. Which brings us to our next point…

5. It is a Natural Choice!

As a photographer, you already have most of the gear you need! So why not give it a try!CAMERA (CHECK!) STRAP (CHECK!) COMPUTER FOR EDITING (CHECK!) Another thing you may not realize is how much it can improve your photography. Video leaves very little room for error (which we totally understand can be challenging at first), but it makes your photography that much better. After learning video you will feel much more confident in the white balance and exposure for all of your still images. We also feel video helps with your ability to “see” light, skills to be creative and improves the way you tell stories through images.

Give Video a Try!

Now that you have heard our reasons to jump in a give it a try, we think it is time for you to get started. Join our email list below for our full guide on adding video to your photography business!

If you have seen any other benefits from adding video to your photography business, drop them in the comments below. Good luck and we are always here to support your journey.

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