June 26, 2024


Capturing the Essence of Jenni Engel Photography: A Rebranding Journey

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In this session, I had the pleasure of working with Jenni Engel of Jenni Engel Photography during the rebranding of her thriving photography business. Having collaborated on personal projects for her and her family in the past, it was an absolute joy to see Jenni in her element. Her unique vision made this rebranding shoot a truly special experience, and getting to shoot in a cool urban setting helped set the right vibe for her brand.

The Perfect Locations: Geist Reservoir and Downtown Indianapolis

Session 1: Natural Beauty at Geist Reservoir

Jenni chose to start her rebranding journey with a session at Geist Reservoir which is a stunning location that perfectly complements her brand’s colors and vibe. The reservoir provided a really serene and picturesque backdrop which was ideal for capturing the essence of Jenni Engel Photography.


  • Scenic Landscapes: The greenery and water out at Geist Reservoir created a perfect setting for capturing Jenni’s relaxed and natural style.
  • Golden Hour Softness: We tried to time the session to coincide with sunrise/golden hour. The overcast sky ensured a soft, lighting that added a magical moody vibe to the photos.

Session 2: Urban Chic in Downtown Indianapolis

The second session took us to downtown Indianapolis, where we explored both Jenni’s home and the iconic Bottleworks Hotel. This urban setting offered a contrast to the beauty of Geist Reservoir, showcasing the versatility of Jenni’s photography style.


  • Home Studio: Capturing Jenni in her home allowed us to highlight her creative space and the personal touches that make her work unique.
  • Bottleworks Hotel: The historic Bottleworks Hotel provided a backdrop that displayed Jenni’s connection to the city and her ability to adapt to various environments and themes.

Scouting the Perfect Places

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this rebranding shoot was scouting the perfect locations that aligned with Jenni’s brand colors and vibe. Both Geist and downtown Indianapolis offered unique elements that perfectly suited the vision Jenni had for her rebranding.

Matching Brand Colors and Vibe

  • Geist Reservoir: The earth tones of the reservoir complemented Jenni’s brand colors, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.
  • Downtown Indianapolis: The vibrant urban setting added a dynamic and contemporary feel to the shoot, reflecting Jenni’s versatility and modern approach to photography.

Behind the Scenes: Jenni in Her Element

Working with Jenni during her rebranding session was a remarkable experience. It is evident how much she loves what she does so her passion shone through in every single shot. Seeing her in her element, whether it was amidst the natural beauty of Geist Reservoir or out in the hustle of downtown Indianapolis, was truly inspiring.

Personal Touch

Having previously worked on personal projects for Jenni and her family, there was a sense of familiarity and trust that made this professional shoot even more special. Our pas experience allowed for a seamless collaboration! Which ulitmately resulted in authentic and captivating images that truly represent Jenni Engel Photography.

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