January 27, 2024


Episode 4 | 2024 Video Trends and Goals

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In Episode 4 of She Learns Video, we are going to be talking about all things video gear. We are going to cover a variety of gear focusing on both tools, good for short form video content like social media and then other tools that might be necessary to do more long form content like YouTube or educational content.


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Full Transcript:

All right, friends, welcome in to a new episode of She Learns Video. I’m doing a little bit of a different format this time around. I have both an audio and a visual version, so if you want to watch the podcast, you can now go over on YouTube and check it out there. I’m hoping each week we’ll be able to do both elements, both audio and video, and if I have guests on, ideally I’d love to display the video side of things over on the YouTube channel and the podcast each week through your audio player, whatever you choose.

So welcome back to she learns video. I’m Kelli White, your host. And this week we are going to be talking all about video marketing trends and goals for small business owners in the new year. It is officially well into 2024 and I’m just kind of kicking off the year. I feel like the first few weeks of any year, I like to take it slow, like to get started slowly, set some goals and really start working through what I want my year to look like.

And for you, I’m hoping that if you’re a business owner or a photographer, you are going to start utilizing video more in 2024. And I want to share with you some trends that I’m seeing and also some goals that I feel like you could set as a small business owner if you’re just getting started with utilizing video.

Or maybe you have some video experience and you really want to lean into that side of your business in 2024. These will be some great opportunities for you to do that. All right, so first up, we’re talking video trends. Some of the video trends that I’m seeing are going to be things that we already saw in 2023, but they’re going to be making even more of an impact.

And to start out with, that’s going to be vertical video and short. form content that’s just going to continue to grow and to build, especially with the amount of video content we’re shooting on our phones. I don’t see that subsiding at any point in 2024 and really encourage you to lean into it as a business owner, especially those of us who might have that big mirrorless or DSLR camera shooting content with your iPhone is the way to go in a lot.

of aspects for your business. The majority of short form content that you’re going to be creating can be done with your iPhone. You don’t need to go out and invest in a new camera or spend a lot of time learning the video side of things, unless that’s something you eventually want to provide for your clients.

Obviously myself, I do a lot of videography work and I still feel like that element can be done on your mirrorless and DSLR, but your day to day short form behind the scenes kind of content. Quick, impactful social media sharing. I think it can be easily shot on your iPhone in the vertical format and posted in a short form content type of role.

I do think in 2024, the short form content is going to start to be a little more polished. I’ve seen a lot more content creators that are clearly editing their videos. Prior to posting them. So they are spending a little bit more time making sure that they’re getting creative shots or they are implementing some sort of editing tool as far as splicing things together, maybe making the color look a little bit more robust than just you would shoot on an iPhone.

So that is something while I do feel like you can shoot it on your iPhone, you might want to invest in an editing tool to make it pop a little bit more and set your content apart. From the other content that we’re seeing on, you know, TOK with short form. I also feel like you need to be leaning into a variety of different places that you’re publishing and posting and repurposing this content.

I do think that Instagram reels and Tik TOK are obviously the two most popular locations that we’re seeing a lot of video content right now. But please lean into YouTube shorts. I think that’s something that has the potential for a lot of growth. I know anytime I post a video over there on YouTube shorts, it sees a lot more views than my Instagram reels or my TikToks.

All right, so the next trend that I’m seeing is silent video. And this is something that we’re all doing. We’re all sitting on our couch watching videos on our phone with the audio off. And that way, you know, maybe our kids can’t hear the audio or our husband, you know, whatever, when we’re sitting there, we’re not annoying the rest of our family.

I think as a business owner, you really need to keep this in mind because people are watching videos on silent. So your video needs to be engaging, even without the audio, even without the music played in the background. So you need to make sure you’re using things like. Captions to make sure your audio is accessible, especially to people who might be hearing impaired or just need to utilize the captions for whatever reason, also utilizing things like graphics and just making sure that your video is engaging.

With or without the sound, definitely a trend that I’m seeing 92 percent of people. I just read a statistic that said that’s how many people are watching videos with the sound off. So if you think you’re making an impact through your audio, you need to rethink the video and be engaging without relying.

on the audio or music content in the background. All right, next up is more casual and authentic content. This is something that even myself, I’m not the best at, but I’ve been trying to improve upon year after year, month after month, but being more casual, more authentic. behind the scenes, and really just raw and out there, I think is a much more engaging and relatable than consistently having, you know, really well put together content.

I do think that if you’re new to kind of this raw and behind the scenes look, you can experiment with Instagram stories. That’s where I feel the most comfortable being kind of my full authentic self. Um, I do like to make sure that when I’m putting together YouTube videos or I am putting together client work that it’s really polished and really professional, but other people are wanting and needing, especially people that are potentially your audience, they’re needing to engage with the real person behind the business and doing this through casual and authentic video is a great way to connect with your audience and potential customers and clients.

Next up we have live streams. So live streams have been around for a long time, but I do think this is the trend that you need to lean into as a business owner in 2024. It’s a great way for you to give your clients an experience and engage with them directly, live, right there in the moment. They can ask questions, you can respond.

And I think it’s also a really cool way for you to collaborate with other business owners. You can do a live chat where you both hop on, you bounce ideas back and forth, and your audience has the ability to engage and interact with you right there in the moment. There are so many platforms that allow for live streaming, whether you’re on YouTube or Instagram.

I know Facebook. Facebook also does lives as well. If you have a group that you manage or support, this can be a cool way for you to pop on, you know, weekly or monthly and do a different live chat where you get to connect with your audience right there in the moment and kind of provide an experience for them to engage directly with your business.

Another trend I feel like we’re going to continue to see in 2024 that’s really impactful for business owners is user generated content. So this is content that your users or your audience is creating, and then you as a business owner are utilizing it in your marketing efforts. We’re seeing this a lot with bigger companies where they are, you know, pulling.

Things off of Instagram that other people have created and then they’re utilizing it in their marketing. I know recently I’ve seen it a lot with Children’s like food companies probably because I’m in the process of teaching my daughter to try new foods She’s you know, only 10 months old. So i’m seeing a lot of kids companies that have taken Videos parents have created and posted to instagram and then they are paying them to utilize it in their marketing efforts Two things that I think we should be thinking about here.

First of all, if you are a photographer or a videographer who is creating your own content or content for clients, this is a really cool way that you could start to generate some income. I am by no means a partnership expert, but I do think there are a lot of resources out there that you can Utilize in order to start getting creative and thinking about the content that you can make with items You’re already purchasing this again needs to be something that’s authentic something that you’re already utilizing I don’t encourage you to like go out and buy a bunch of new products in order to create this user generated content Myself, for example, I’m trying out a bunch of new baby foods for my daughter This would be a good opportunity for me to put together a quick little video about how much we love This XYZ baby food and then potentially pitch it to a baby food company and say, Hey, we really love your baby food.

Would you want to work with me on a partnership? I’m a videographer. I already know how to create really great content. And then from a business perspective, if you are a small business owner, I think finding audience members and people who are already utilizing your product. customers that you already have and asking them, Hey, would you mind making a video highlighting my business?

Would you mind creating a video about your experience working with my business or my product and then utilizing that in your marketing efforts? I think there’s two ways that this user generated content can go. In one way it seems really forced and kind of inauthentic, but the other way seems very genuine and it’s just showing someone this is a product I already use, I really like it, and here’s why.

So I think you need to be a little bit careful when you get into this space, but I do think it’s a really cool opportunity and a lot of businesses, rather than producing these highly Polished and expensive commercials. They’re leaning into the fact that everybody has an iPhone and everyone is out there creating content about the products and services that they’re already using.

So why not integrate that into your marketing efforts? If you do get into the paid partnership side of things where you’re getting paid to create this user generated content, just make sure that you’re going about it in the right way. And you’re valuing your worth and your time as you make the effort to create.

This content, it’s something that you need to make sure that it’s going to pay off for you. And again, it needs to be authentic and real. So those are some of the video trends that I see in 2024 continuing to grow and to thrive. And I think that a lot of business owners can utilize them, especially small business owners in order to grow and build their business with video.

All right, so now that we know the trends, what are some goals that I think you should be setting as a business owner when it comes to video marketing in 2024? Number one, if it wasn’t clear already, show up authentically and less polished. I think popping on quickly and having some behind the scenes, maybe showing, you know, your morning coffee routine or just any way that you feel like your audience can connect with you.

Pop on, publish it. Sometimes for me, just putting it out there into the world is the hardest part. People love these behind the scenes moments or when you ask questions that maybe aren’t even related to your business, but perhaps your audience. Recently, I just posted something about, hey, millennial moms, where are we shopping?

Where are you buying clothing? And it got so much engagement on my Instagram that it gave me the opportunity to interact with all of these. female business owners and moms out there in my community who had feedback on, you know, where they shop, what they like to buy. And while it wasn’t, Hey, come book a brand session with me.

It was an opportunity for them to see, Hey, I’m just like you. I struggle with what to wear. I need a little bit more information on where to shop now that I’m a little bit older and I’m running around after kids all the time and at this moment in time the places I shop are like Amazon and Target. So where are we shopping?

And I loved the opportunity to interact with my audience through a authentic, less polished, behind the scenes kind of avenue. I think there’s so many opportunities if you’re into this kind of content and you feel comfortable being on camera that it can really help you grow and just help people to connect with who you are as a business owner.

Build Authority with Video

The next goal that I encourage you to utilize video for there is no quicker way, in my opinion, to build authority in your space than to put yourself on camera and talk about what you do, who you serve, and the knowledge that you have. I think that this is a huge reason as to why I’ve grown my business, especially in the educational space and given me opportunities to speak at events.

That’s because I’m not afraid to get on camera. I’m not afraid to get in front of an audience and tell you what I know and share my knowledge. I think this is a really quick way to skyrocket your authority and build trust between you and your potential audience. I think especially if you are doing these, you know, authentic, less polished, behind the scenes type of video content, it gives you the ability to really build trust.

And myself, I am much more inclined to buy from a business owner that I feel like I know in some way. And the way that you can get to know someone without meeting them in person is to get on video, to put yourself out there, to let people see who you are and experience kind of what you go through as a business owner on a day to day.

Or what you do, you know, each month to create content or what you do daily to put in the time and effort into your business. Seeing someone, you know, passionate and committed to the growing their business on a daily basis makes me feel connected and makes me feel like they really value and love the work that they’re doing and that makes me want to invest in a business.

Social Schedule with Video

All right, next up is to create a social schedule that incorporates video. So I know a lot of us, we, especially photographers, we probably have a huge pile of images. We drop them into something like a later or a planally and we schedule out our content. Now I really want you to take that type of scheduling and think through on a video level.

What type of video content you’re planning to share. Maybe that is a weekly reel. Maybe it’s making sure you get on Instagram stories and talk to your audience every single day. I don’t care how often it is, but it needs to be thought out and it needs to be consistent. So I want you to set a goal this year to make sure that you’re integrating some type of video.

Maybe it’s a live broadcast or a collaboration between you and another business owner where you go on a live stream each month. Whatever it is, just pick something, commit to it, and make sure that video is integrated into your social schedule in 2024. Alright, last up is to repurpose your content with video.

And this is kind of an easy one in the sense that if you’ve already spent the last however many years creating content, maybe it’s You know, blog posts, or maybe you have a podcast, whatever type of content you’ve already been creating, turn that into a video element. Find ways that you can take the knowledge that you’ve already shared and repurpose it with video.

This really allows you the ability to utilize video without having to reinvent the wheel. You already have the content created, you just need to, you know, sit down in front of the camera and put it into a video format. That could be as easy as using your iPhone, maybe making a reel that highlights, you know, five bullet points from your recent blog post.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to go from perhaps a text format into a video element. Setting these video goals in 2024 is going to give you the ability to boost your engagement and increase your brand awareness with video. I’m so excited to see what you create in 2024. I hope these trends and goals are helpful for you as you move forward into the year.

Thanks so much for listening and for watching. If you are watching on YouTube, definitely subscribe for more content coming up. And if you’re listening to the podcast, please give me a review. I’m really excited to continue to create more content and for the future of She Learns Video.

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