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Video Settings on Canon R6 Camera with Mic

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You are excited to start shooting video, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start? 24 fps or 60 fps? what shutter speed? should I use auto white balance?… too many choices that it can be overwhelming. With video there are many different settings that aren’t the same as photography and it can make getting […]

Basic Camera Settings for Shooting Video

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Ready to share your work? Here is how you do it! One question we are often asked by new filmmakers, (and something everyone struggles with in the beginning) is what is the best way to send videos to my clients? You have this beautiful film and you want to share it right away, but how? […]

How to Deliver Videos to Your Clients


How to Make Pinterest Video Pins in Canva Pinterest video pins are easy to create with Canva and can help to improve your views on Pinterest and your SEO. This video walks you through how to easily and simple create your own video pins on Pinterest. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to […]

How to Make Pinterest Video Pins in Canva


How to Make Instagram Reels with Still Images Are you looking for a tutorial on how to set your camera up for video? This video walks through setup of the Canon EOS R6, but could be used as a guide for other cameras as well. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave […]

some great gift ideas from local small business owners! I have had the opportunity to explore my community more and work with fabulous brands over the last few years and as I was considering my list of people that I need to buy for, I thought you may want some ideas as well.   Not […]

Indianapolis Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | Brand Photography and Videography


Extended Family Photography at Holiday Farms Holiday Farms in Zionsville Provides the Perfect Backdrop Holiday Farms is a new and upcoming community in Zionsville and man, oh man, it is beautiful! It made the perfect backdrop for this extended family session! The grandparents will soon be building a home at Holiday Farms so they will […]

Holiday Farms Extended Family Photography


Backyard Extended Family Photography Coxhall Gardens Provides a Beautiful Morning Photo Backdrop There are so many wonderful shooting locations around here and I just love shooting at Coxhall Gardens. There is a variety of different backdrops and it is a pretty easy location to get to. We had so much fun with this extended family […]

Extended Family Photography at Hillcrest Country Club Extended Family Sessions are the best! I love Hillcrest Country Club and I love extended family sessions! When both of those got combined this this session, it was wonderful! What a lovely family session at Hillcrest Country Club!! We had to shift to an indoor location due to […]

Extended Family Photography | Hillcrest Country Club Indianapolis


Backyard Extended Family Photography Westfield at Home Westfield is a wonderful suburb of Indianapolis and I love it! I guess i am partial to Westfield as that is where I call home and also have my studio space. As you know, I love shooting family photos and it is great to see new locations- and […]

Backyard Extended Family Photography | Westfield Indiana


Personal Branding Photography and Video Working with Other Creatives During September I had the chance to connect with another photographer and educator based in Texas. It was so much fun to capture her personality and the colorful personality she has. I captured three brand sessions while I was traveling and loved fitting each branding session […]

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